Do you have dreams of studying outside your domestic country? Or furthering your tertiary education abroad? But is limited based on your prevailing financial status? Worry no more because this article has brought you good news.

Here in this article we will be siting the top ten scholarship opportunities in the United States. Scholarships for international students in the United States are available and can cover all costs. This article also details the advantages of and procedure for applying for fully funded scholarships at top universities in the United States.

Sneak peek about the USA scholarships

There are over a thousand fully funded undergraduate scholarships for international students at top colleges in the United States for the academic year 2024-2025. These grants provide a monthly income of $1,000 to help with expenses including school fees, rent, medical care, and exploring the world.

Various opened USA scholarship opportunities;

Scholarships are available for full tuition at prestigious universities such as Yale, Harvard, Clark, Boise State, Berea, and others.

1. The Clark International Fellowship;

The Clark Global Scholarship Program 2022 receives full funding to help overseas undergraduates. If academic requirements are completed each year, this four-year scholarship program will award $15,000 to $25,000.

U.S. Research Conducted at Clark University

Undergraduate Students Only.

2. The Harvard Arab American Association (HAAA) Scholarship;

is available to Arab undergraduates who wish to study in the United States at Harvard University. The Harvard Arab Alumni Association (HAAA) created the inaugural HAAA Scholarship Fund in 2010 to boost the number of Arab students at Harvard.

American Research at Harvard

Undergraduate Students Only

3. Yale University scholarship programme;

Scholarships to study abroad at Yale are available with complete financial support. This fellowship covers undergraduate, graduate, and PhD studies. Financial aid packages at Yale can provide anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $70,000 annually, with an average of over $50,000.

Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Degree Programs at Yale University, United States of America

4. Treasure Award at Ball State University;

Treasure Scholarships are awarded to international students with no financial need. This scholarship, for a total of $8,460 each academic year, is open only to undergraduates.

5. The President’s Scholarship at Boston University;

Undergraduates at Boston University are eligible for the President’s Scholarship. This $25,000 annual award can be used to pay for up to four years of college.

Undergraduate Research at Boston University, USA.

6. Berea College Award for Academic Excellence

Berea College offers complete undergraduate scholarships to international students. First-year international students are awarded a full scholarship.

Location; Berea College in Kentucky, United States

Undergraduate Students Only.

7. Sensi Sawiris Family Foundation;

Onsi Sawiris provides undergraduate and graduate level scholarships to international students. This award covers all of your educational and living costs, as well as travel and medical coverage.

The names of four prestigious universities—Stanford, Chicago, Harvard, and Penn—are listed.


8. Grants to attend Illinois Wesleyan University;

Undergraduate international students might receive a fully funded scholarship at Illinois Wesleyan University. Full tuition scholarships ranging from $16,000 to $30,000 are available at Illinois Wesleyan University.

Research at Illinois Wesleyan University, the United States

Undergraduate Students Only

9. Horatio Alger Award for American Achievement;

The Horatio Alger Scholarship provides complete funding for college for deserving American undergraduates. The value of this award is $25,000. There are 106 recipients in the United States.

Undergraduate Students Only

10. QuestBridge scholarship programme;

QuestBridge Scholarships provide complete funding for American students. These awards are available to high school seniors. This roughly $200,000 prize is awarded over four years.

Undergraduate Students Only


Notwithstanding, with all these information put together, studying abroad as an international student is sure. Now is the chance to sieze this opportunity and actualize you dreams of furthering your education as an international student. Find the program that best soothes you, work on it and achieve your dreams.

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