Do you want to study abroad as an international student under scholarship? Irrespective of your current financial status, worry no more because this article has brought you great news, here is a one in a lifetime opportunity to achieving your dreams.

    We are delighted to let you know about the “Shanghai Government Scholarship Program” that is now open for applications. This particular article will explain the scholarship’s benefits, criterias and application process of the afformentioned Program.

About the Shanghai government scholarship (SGS)

All International students receive the fully funded Shanghai Government Scholarship 2024-2025. This grant covers graduate, undergraduate, and doctorate study in Shanghai. This scholarship opportunity covers the students tuition fee, accommodation, medical insurance, and living expenses up to CNY3500 per month.

Aim of the Shanghai government scholarship programme 

   The Shanghai government scholarship programme allows all International students seeking higher education in Shanghai, China precisely, to use SGS in 2024–2025. The Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS) was created and first launched in 2006 to attract more talented foreign students and boost international student education in Shanghai.

   Additionally, Shanghai is a great place to study, and SGS offers scholarships to non-Chinese students in numerous fields. The Shanghai Scholarship covers economics, philosophy, law, education, literature, history, management, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and the arts.

What you should know about the scholarship type offered

The Shanghai government offers two scholarship types.

* Type A (Full Scholarship) includes tuition waiver, on-campus accommodation, comprehensive medical insurance, and monthly living expenses.

* Type B (partial scholarship). Complete information follows.

  Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. candidates should apply for the Shanghai Government Scholarship 2020. Shanghai invites overseas students to study Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in China on full support.

Scholarship Summary

Academic Level: BA, MA, PhD Institutions: Shanghai Universities

Research in China

Courses offered; Philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, management, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, and art are taught.

The program lasts: Bachelor’s degrees take four to five years, whereas doctoral degrees take three to four.

A deadline is set between January and June annually.

Shanghai University List

1} Fudan University

2} Jiao Tong University, Shanghai

3} Shanghai Jiao Tong Med School

4} Tongji University

5} East China Normal University

6} East China Technology and Science University

7} Shanghai International Studies College ranks

8} Donghua University

9} Shanghai University

10} Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

11} Shanghai University of Science and Technology.

12} Shanghai Maritime University

13} Shanghai Theatre Academy

14} Shanghai Music Conservatory

15} Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University

16} Shanghai Electric Power University

17}Twenty Normal University of Shanghai 

18} Shanghai Polytechnic University

19} Shanghai Dianji

20} Sanda University.

Benefits of the scholarship opportunity

There are numerous benefits to be enjoyed by the international student which include;

1} Type A (full scholarship)

* Extensive healthcare coverage.

* Monthly living costs:

* Program for doctors: CNY3500

* Program for graduates: CNY3000

2} CNY2500 Type B (Partial Scholarship) undergraduate program

* Free tuition and full medical insurance.

* Also confirm Visa Application for Chinese Students.

Qualifications for the Shanghai government scholarship programme 

   It is important to note that candidates for the Shanghai Government Scholarship must meet these requirements:

* Language Requirements: Candidates must have HSK4 Chinese proficiency and meet university and program language requirements.

* All nations except China are eligible.

* Non-Chinese, healthy applicants are needed.

* Secondary school graduates and under-23s must apply for pre-college programs.

* Bachelor’s degree applicants must be under 25 and have a high school diploma.

* Master’s applicants must be under 35 and have a bachelor’s degree.

* Doctoral applicants must be under 40 and have a master’s degree.

* Outstanding academic accomplishment.

* Meeting university and program entry requirements.

* SGS applicants should not currently be running any other scholarships.

How do I get a Shanghai government scholarship?

Please follow these consecutive application guidelines for the Shanghai Government Scholarship:

a) Every applicant must register online. Download and submit their online application form.

The applicant must register and apply online at a university (listed above). Pay any application fees and apply online.

b) Download and print out the application form after applying online. Give the university you applied to two sets of application materials: originals and photocopies.

Standard Documents Required:

– Applying on their website

– Academic transcripts (notarized photocopy): Transcripts in other languages must be accompanied by a notarized Chinese or English translation.

– For the highest diploma, a notarized copy of the blood test and health certificate is required. Entry into China requires original documentation.

– Complete Chinese visa and passport photocopy.

– Award certificates from secondary school (optional).

– Under-18 candidates need a Guardian’s Letter of Guarantee.

– Make sure your email address is correct and check your inbox to avoid missing important information.

– The International Students’ Office bulletin and application account will notify you of your application status.

– Candidates must show their authentic diploma and graduation certificate for registration on the dates mentioned in the admission letter. Without documentation, your enrollment will be discontinued.

– Also Please verify The Art of Crafting a Prominent Academic Curriculum via Scholarship, including a Sample.

Visit the Shanghai Government Scholarship website for more details:




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