Are you a graduate? Thinking of furthering your education abroad irrespective of your current financial state? Worry no more, because this article has now got you covered, bringing you good news about the officially opened Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program. This program’s Participating universities can located throughout the United States, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Japan. You can further your education by attending one of these universities. Wonderful news! It is now possible to submit an application for the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program, online.

However, here in this article we will delve into the major necessities, ranging from its advantages, procedures, and what have you.

Brief concept of the Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship 

It is important to know that the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program runs from 2024 to 2026 academic session, it is also an opportunity for international students to get full funding for their master’s degree programmes . The JJWBGSP, will provide complete coverage of tuition fees, as well as accommodation , economy class airfare, and a monthly stipend for living expenses.

Eligibility for the Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program

It is also important to know that both women and men from developing countries who have relevant professional experience and a history of contributing to the development efforts of their countries are eligible to apply for the program. Applicants must be applying for a master’s degree program in a subject that is connected to development.

Scholarship awards are available through the JJWBGSP for 26 different participating programs at universities in the United States, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Japan. These programs focuses on critical aspects of development, such as the management of economic policy, tax policy, and infrastructure management. In the event that you are not accepted into one of these programs, your application for a JJWBGSP Scholarship will be rejected. Students from developing nations are dedicated to returning to their home countries after graduation in order to put their newly acquired skills to work and contribute to the cultural as well as economic advancement of their nations.

Review of various Scholarships on the JJWBGSP

1} Degree of Learning: Institution(s) awarding the Master’s Degree: Newcastle University.

Research in the following regions: the United States, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Japan.

Duration of the Program: 2 Years

The deadline is: (The next opportunities to submit an application for a scholarship will become available in January and March of 2024.)

The first application window will be open from the 16th of January until the 28th of February at noon Washington time.

The second application window will be held from March 27 until May 26 at noon Washington time 2024.

Financial Support for international Students

The Joint Japan-World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program offers the successful applicant a number of advantages, including the following:

* Transportation via flight in the economy class between your home country and the university hosting your studies at the beginning of your academic program and promptly following the conclusion of the scholarship period.

* In addition to round-trip airfare, scholars will also be given a travel stipend of US$500 for each trip they take. Additionally, scholars will receive tuition for their graduate program as well as the cost of basic medical insurance obtained via the university.

* A monthly subsistence allowance will be provided to the recipient while they are on school as part of the scholarship. This will cover all necessary living expenditures, such as housing, food, and books. The allowance is given at a different amount for each country that a person visits.

Expenses that will not be covered by the JJWBGSP 

a} The cost(s) of VISA application(s).

b} Expenses to bring and/or assist family members of a scholar.

c} Extra-curricular courses or training.

d} Courses that do not meet the minimum number of credits required to acquire a graduate degree.

e} Extra-curricular courses or training.

Note that the graduate program does not offer language instruction; Additional travel is required over the duration of the academic program.

Criteria for Participation in the Joint Scholarship Program Between the World Bank and Japan

The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program – JJWBGSP requires applicants to meet the following conditions in order to be considered for the scholarship:

– Languages that are Required: The English language.

– All countries throughout the world are considered eligible.

– Not be a citizen of both the United States and any other developed country.

How To Apply for the Joint Graduate Scholarship Program Offered by Japan and the World Bank?

To take advantage of this scholarship, please proceed in the following manner:

* You are required to submit an application for admission to either one or all of the Partner Master’s Degree Programs initially. The appropriate university should be contacted with any questions regarding the admissions process for a partner program, including how to submit an application.

*Start the registration process for the scholarship through their portal.

* Read, understand and submit any information you wee6asked for.

* Write a CV, or a portfolio depending on which one is asked of you.

Please visit the official website of The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program – JJWBGSP if you are interested in learning more about it.


Last but not the least, with everything being said, determination and precision of these procedures, go for this scholarship opportunity, and make your dream of furthering your education abroad, a reality.



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