Stay in Australia and continue your education. Exciting news! There is now a scholarship available through Charles Darwin University. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive explanation of this scholarship, including its advantages and the application process in a step-by-step format.
The Charles Darwin University Scholarship 2024-2025 is a scholarship that provides financial support to students from other countries. Undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and training students are all eligible to apply for this prize. A total of two different kinds of scholarships are given out. There are four different sorts of scholarships—some of which cover up to fifty percent of the total tuition charge.
New World University Charles Darwin University is a university that is established on the principles of social justice, sustainability, innovation, and community endeavour. It is a place where absolutely anyone may pursue their passion to make things better, regardless of how big or how tiny their idea may be.
Synopsis of the Scholarship

Undergraduate Studies, Master’s Degrees, Doctoral Degrees, and Training Programmes

Charles Darwin University is the identified institution(s).

Attend school in: Australia

(Click here) The deadline varies depending on the scholarship.

Offerings of Courses

Any degree conferred by the university that is either an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree in coursework.


Accounting for


Providing Social Work and Community Services

Arts of Creativity and Design

The Art of Cooking

Education and learning

Courses That Open Doors

The engineering field

Science of Physical Activity and Sport

The Services of Hair and Beauty


The Social Sciences and the Humanities

Management of Humanitarian Services, Emergencies, and Disasters

the indigenous ways of knowing

Technology and Network Engineering

The languages

Legal Studies and the Law


Principal Business Sectors

The field of psychology

The Health of the Public

Environmental Science, Management, and the Scientific Method

Tourism, hospitality, and culinary arts


The Coverage of Scholarships

The following categories of scholarships are available from Charles Darwin University:


Scholarships for International High Achievers presented by the Vice-Chancellor’s Office (VCIHAS): For students enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework programme, the scholarship will cover either fifty percent or twenty-five percent of the total tuition fee for the duration of the programme.

Awards for Global Excellence from CDU: The scholarships are available for students pursuing a coursework degree at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. They cover fifty percent of the tuition price for the first year of study and ten percent for each consecutive year of study.

The CDU Global Leader Award includes scholarships that cover 25% of the tuition charge for the first year of study and 10% of the tuition fee for each consecutive year of study. These scholarships are available to students pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree.

The CDU Global Achiever Award programme provides a scholarship that covers fifteen percent of the tuition price for the first year of study. This award is applicable to either an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree.

The Vocational Education and Training (VET) Distinction Scholarship is a one-time payment of $3,000 that can be applied towards the tuition fee for your first year of study. The scholarship is awarded to those who have completed a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification.

Higher Degree by Research Scholarships: These are scholarships that provide complete funding.

Scholarships for the Northern Territory: * Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, and involvement in their communities. Higher education, both undergraduate and postgraduate, is eligible for these scholarships, which amount to $12,000 and contribute to the student’s tuition fees.
Scholarships offered by Charles Darwin University and the Minimum Requirements to Apply
You are eligible to submit an application for a scholarship from Charles Darwin University if you:

Language that is required: English
Countries from all across the world are eligible to apply.
Applicants are required to present evidence of their academic quality and high accomplishment in previous courses and qualifications that are relevant to the position.
It is necessary to fulfil the academic and English entry requirements of the university.
An offer of admission to the degree programme at CDU should be held.
not be in possession of a scholarship from a sponsoring organisation in Australia or another country
be unable to provide evidence of current citizenship in Australia, permanent residency in Australia, or citizenship in New Zealand.
The terms and conditions of the scholarship for those who are awarded it

A full-time enrollment of forty credit points must be maintained during each semester;
Your tuition fee scholarship will be deposited straight to your student account up to two weeks after the census date of each semester, provided that you pay the remaining balance of your tuition on or before the beginning of each semester.
In order to earn a degree from CDU, you must maintain excellent academic progress throughout each semester, with a minimum grade point average of 5.3 and no failing grade in any course;
No cash may be exchanged for the scholarship, and it cannot be refunded. Additionally, the scholarship cannot be transferred to another individual, course, or university.
It is required that awardees pay foreign fees rather than domestic fees on their own.
The awardees are required to comply with the Student of the University By-laws and are not permitted to withdraw from the units or course of study or take a leave of absence from the programme without first receiving approval from the Office of International Services.
The recipients of the scholarship are obligated to promptly notify the International Office of any changes in their visa status using the email address Failure to do so may result in the scholarship being terminated.

What is the procedure for applying for scholarships at Charles Darwin University?
To be eligible for this scholarship, please follow the steps that are listed below:

Apply for the scholarship that best suits your needs.
Download the application form for the scholarship that you are interested in.
In addition to your application for admission to a degree programme at CDU, please incorporate this.
a website:
For further information regarding the Charles Darwin University Scholarship, kindly visit the official website to learn more:

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