• Online learning

    Online learning refers to all Educational activies that takes place via the Internet/electronically. It is a electronic educational environment, where both the teachers and students, come together not really in a particular place, but mostly at the same time to carry out the major aim, of teaching and learning. 

    The Revolution of the Educational sector of today’s society. With the fast growth and advancement of the technological and Educational sector, online learning is a revolution of our traditional classrooms, having more advantages for both students and teachers and making delivering of education easier. 

Who can learn online?

Without wasting much of your time, and going straight to the point. Anybody below age 60 can take up a course and learn electronically. One just needs to register for a course, be dedicated and follow some other procedures.

Procedures to e-learning

There are many procedures to follow, to learning electronically. But here in this article are the shortlisted major procedures that one should follow, if he or she wants to carry out online learning. They include;

  1. Getting a device;  

this refers to acquiring a device either a laptop, iPad, tablet or just a smartphone. 

  • Acquiring a good internet connection; 

one needs to get a reliable internet connection, so as to be able to connect to the internet (world wide web).

  1. Registering for a course; 

one has to choose from various alternatives, of courses that are available in the digital market. Making up your mind to study a particular course is on procedure that must not be skipped.

These are the three major procedures, after following these just get your writing materials, and follow whatever instructions the tutor you have connected to, gives you.

Advantages of online learning

There are so many advantages to online learning than it’s disadvantages, that is why it’s sought after globally. Some, of the numerous advantages are shortlisted here in this article. They include;

  • The system is flexible;

This form of learning is not affected by time, disability, and even location. Students can now access high quality tutors and materials and engage in virtual classrooms activities from literally anywhere in the globe, at any time of their convenience, as long as they have a good device and an internet connection. This particular feature has been beneficial to working professionals, middle aged adults, parents, or those with physical disabilities, who find it challenging to attend regular traditional classes. Online learning creates an avenue for them to balance their studies reality, providing them with immense flexibility and convenience. 

  • Personalised learning experience;

This is another massive advantage of online learning. Unlike our traditional classrooms,  where the pace and style of passing information is determined by the tutor.  Here, the online environment, makes creates an avenue for students to learn at their own pace and revisit concepts they find difficult, giving them the opportunity to ask questions even after the topic has been taught. 


  • Extracurricular activities;

Online learning provides students have access to a vasertile range of study materials, videos, and interactive quizzes, which can enhance their understanding of the subjects. However, online learning enable students to engage with other learners from diverse race, religions, backgrounds and cultures.


Disadvantages of online learning


Irrespective of the numerous benefits derived from the online learning, there are still some posing disadvantages that are necessary to be addressed. They are shortlisted below;

  • Lack of motivation.
  • Lack of self discipline.
  • Lack of face to face interaction.
  • Digital divide.
  • Poor internet connections in some geographical locations around the globe.


      Lastly, online learning has revolutionized education by providing flexibility, personalization of ones learning experiences, and access to materials and interactive learning opportunities. It has enabled individuals to pursue education on their own terms, convinience, and overcome barriers that may have hindered their educational aspirations. However, it is important to address the challenges that students usually face while learning electronically, some of which are lack of discipline, poor internet connection, absence of face to face interactions and so on, in order to maximize it’s effectiveness. With further improvements and adjustments being made, online learning has the ability to reshape and build a better educational status and help to provide quality Education for students globally. 


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