Education technology trends


Education, in our digital society has been evolving same way the other aspects of our society, are. The rising improvement of technology has led to a rising rate of the development of our traditional classrooms, creating a simpler, easier and more efficient way to teach and learn, creating a conducive learning space to Foster co-operation and healthy relationships, and also enhancing the students centered form of education.


Concept of education technology

Education technology also known as “EdTech” has been evolving at a high rate, on both aspects of learning and teaching. EdTech for short has gradually become a very integral part of our educational system, which enhances the learning experiences and provides access to quality education irrespective of time, language, location or race, giving average or very poor income earning family backgrounds the opportunity to access education without having to carry a large financial burden. However, here in this article, we will delve straight into the top education technology trends in our digital society today and their amazing impacts on our educational system.


Top educational technology trends in our digital society today

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) :

Artificial intelligence also known as AI is an evolved technology that is now used in the educational sector by the means of enhancing the students learning experiences. Virtual classrooms make use of this trending technology, helping them to access students alogrithm, identifying the students weaknesses and strengths. Helping them spot where the students are not doing really well and enable the tutprs tailor their teachings towards the students academic needs. These AI-powered chatbots provide instant answers to students queries in classrooms or e-learning platforms, thereby improving the total accessibility rate.


2. Gamification:

Gamification this is a trending edtech scheme, where game elements are used in education to improve students willingness and engagement in class activities. Here, the tutors bring about gaming activities, such as quizzes, puzzles and badges, which is aimed at improving the students learning experience and making learning and teaching activities easier and less stressful. Gamification is a process that unlocks our critical thinking, enhances our problem-solving skills, and creates a sense of teamwork skills in us. However, making the educational system to reach its maximum efficiency.


3. Mobile/e-learning

Mobile learning also refered to as e-learning is a transformed version of our ordinary traditional classrooms, enabling students around the globe by providing them access to quality informations and learning materials, without being obstructed by location, time or whether conditions. Educational apps can be gotten and access using any modern device which may be a smartphone, laptop or tablet, these educational apps contains online courses and e-books that are readily available and prepared for students use, thereby promoting independent learning and increasing students general reading capacities.

4. Data/learning Analytics:

Data analytics also known as learning analytics is a trending edtech scheme that is used to observe and identify students performance in tests and exams, general behavior/organisation, learning pace and capacity. With this technology advancement it is easier for educators to analyze the students data, creating an opportunity for them to tailor the teachings towards the academic needs of the students.This EdTech advancement helps tutors track their progress and put students as the center of their profession. These trending tools enhance the effectiveness of given instruction and give support to all approachs.

5. Robotics in the Educational sector:

Robotics lend a helping hand on improving the students learning experiences, by enhancing creativity, by solving difficult questions, and helping out with critical thinking tasks. Students can build and program robots, thereby creating a platform where the students have a proper knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics which is the (STEM) concepts. Nevertheless, Robotics in the educational sector prepares students for the future, and help them achieve their dream careers in science.


Lastly, education technology trends also known as EdTech trends continue to shape the educational system, ever generating amazing solutions to enhance our students learning experiences and helping us evolve same way our digital society is. Ranging from artificial intelligence (AI), gamification, and virtual classrooms…these amazing tech trends are evolving both the system/pattern of learning and teaching. By embracing these trending technologies, tutors can create engaging learning experiences that foster healthy competition amongst students, foster a sense of relationship and bond, critical thinking, co-operation and future skills for a better career. With the involvement of this trend in our educational system, education becomes cheaper, more accessible, effective and very comprehensive.





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