Have you ever dreamt of studying outside your country, or Germany precisely? If you wish to study in Germany on scholarship, continue reading, because this article Is just the perfect thing for you. The DAAD scholarship, its benefits, and the application procedure will be covered in this article.

The concept of the DAAD scholarship

Full funding is provided to international students through the DAAD Scholarship 2024-2025. This grant is for doctoral or master’s degrees at prestigious German universities. DAAD grants provide 934 euros per month to graduates and 1,200 euros per month to doctoral candidates.

Internationally connected professionals contribute to the sustainable development of nations. They provide the greatest guarantee for a future characterized by improved health, education, and reduced destitution. The DAAD offers postgraduate programs with a focus on development that instruct professionals hailing from developing and newly industrialized countries.

Scholarships are available to foreign graduates from developing and newly industrialized nations across all academic disciplines who wish to pursue a master’s or postgraduate degree, or in exceptional circumstances, a doctoral degree, at a state or state-recognized German university while studying in Germany.

Summary of the DAAD 2024 Scholarship

Discipline: Doctoral/Master’s
DAAD Study Institution in Germany
Provision of Courses:
The economic, legal, agricultural, and forest sciences contrast with the natural sciences, engineering, art, and design.
Studies of humanity and social sciences
Studies in Culture and Language
Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Medicine, and Health Sciences
Access the complete catalog of Postgraduate Courses.
The program Twelve to thirty-six months, contingent upon the study program.
DAAD Scholarship Application Deadline: Program-specific; consult this page.

Application Procedure for the DAAD Scholarship 2024 | German Scholarships

Assistance with DAAD bursaries
The benefits of the DAAD Scholarship 2024 for Doctoral and Master’s Studies in Germany are as follows:

Doctoral candidates pay 1,200 euros per month, while graduates pay 934 euros.
stipend for travel, unless paid for by the native country or another source.
Expenses related to liability, health, and accident insurance.
A one-time allowance for education.
Additionally, see the Islamic Development Bank Fully Funded Scholarship Program.

Specific scholarship recipients are eligible to receive the following advantages:

Monthly rental assistance
Family companions are granted a monthly stipend.

    Criteria for DAAD Scholarship Eligibility 2024

The DAAD Scholarship 2024 for Masters and PhD in Germany is open to the following criteria for applicants:

Required to have either English or German proficiency.
English instruction is provided in international programs. Frequently, an English proficiency exam, such as the TOEFL or IELTS, is required.
German is instructed in various disciplines. Frequently, German language credentials such as DSH or TestDaF are required.
Eligible countries: Click here to view developing nations that qualify.

Requirements include a four-year Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in an acceptable field.
Included in the qualifications are two years of professional experience.
After completing their training/scholarship, candidates may exhibit development-related motivation and be expected to assume social responsibility as well as initiate and support personal and professional change.

How Can One Obtain a DAAD Scholarship in 2024?

Follow these procedures to submit an application for a DAAD Scholarship for Masters and PhD in Germany:

Applicants for DAAD scholarships may enroll in multiple courses.

Submit applications for three courses. Prioritize the courses in the order specified on the DAAD application forms (see 7. Selection of host university/institution in Germany) if you are applying to multiple programs. Do not alter this information.

Required Documents for a DAAD Scholarship:

Signed DAAD application form that is current
Dated, self-signed curriculum vitae (use the Europass sample form at
A letter of motivation that is personally signed and dated (within a maximum of two pages), including the applicant’s current occupation and postgraduate program of study.
Considered crucial: A single letter of motivation must be submitted, detailing the reasons for applying to a minimum of three postgraduate courses and the rationale behind your selection.
Recommendation letter from current employer; letterhead, signature, and official stamp required; date current (not in sealed envelope).
At the time of application, Employer Certificates of Employment attesting to at least two years of relevant work experience (following completion of a bachelor’s degree) and, if possible, a guarantee of re-employment from the applicant’s current employer upon their return home.
Please be advised that the institutional TOEFL is not accepted as evidence of language proficiency.
German—Prerequisite for courses taught in German
Duplicates of academic degrees (if necessary, certified translations)
Grass-scaled academic transcripts (certified translation available upon request)
From China, please include an APS Certificate with your application.
Courses might necessitate supplementary documentation. For specifics, consult the course descriptions included in the brochure and on the respective websites. Application submissions must be in either German or English.

Procedure for DAAD Scholarship Applications and Selections:

– Choose engaging subjects.

– Maximum apply for three subjects.

– Write to universities that provide these courses.
– Your complete applications, including the aforementioned documents, are transmitted directly to the respective institutions.
DAAD bursary candidates are recommended by a selection committee.
– The candidates recommended by the DAAD will be contacted in order to submit their complete applications on the Portal. The link to the DAAD Portal will be delivered to your email. The suggested candidates will be notified once the selection procedure has been completed.
It is crucial to ensure that you have a PDF copy of each application document readily available to upload to the DAAD Portal in the event that you receive a recommendation for a scholarship.


Having carefully scaled through this article, you must have gotten enough information you need to embark on your DAAD scholarship journey and make your dream of studying abroad a reality. Dr. Anthony J. Pecorale Memorial Scholarship


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