Have you ever wanted, to study abroad, irrespective of your current financial status? If you are interested in obtaining a scholarship to study in Japan precithen continue reading. Because this article will bring you the whole concept of MEXT scholarship 2024, outline its benefits, and detail the application process.

Concept of the MEXT scholarship 2023

The MEXT Scholarship 2024-2025 provides international students with a completely funded scholarship.

This scholarship is offered for training, master’s, and doctoral degrees. The MEXT bursary provides financial assistance in the form of tuition fees, housing, a monthly stipend, and round-trip airfare from the applicant’s home country to Japan.

Under the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships Programme, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) of Japan awards scholarships to international students who wish to pursue research (master’s/PhD) or undergraduate studies at Japanese universities.

The announcement of the MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship application cycle typically occurs in April. A proficiency in the Japanese language and IELTS/TOEFL is not required to qualify for this scholarship.

Scholarship Summary for MEXT
Academic Level:

Undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral Institutions of Training: Japanese Universities
Research in Japan
Courses Offered: Every type of course is offered at every university in Japan, ranging from social sciences and engineering to medicine and health, the arts and humanities, and beyond. Academic field restrictions do not apply.
The programme duration is: PhD: 3–4 Years, Master’s: 2–3 Years, and Undergraduate: 4–5 Years Scholarship from: the Japanese Government,  scholarship Coverage from MEXT Scholarship 2024 is a fully-funded scholarship that provides free study in Japan for international students. The scholarship awardee shall be granted the subsequent advantages:

Monthly stipend and preparatory allowance (2024 rate) are provided as perks.
Tuition Fees at universities and Fees for the Entrance Examination shall be the responsibility of MEXT.
Out of Pocket Travel Expenses: MEXT will provide financial coverage for round-trip airfare from the passenger’s home country to Japan. The airline ticket for the voyage will be an Economy-class ticket.
Premises for Accommodation: Residence halls are facilities furnished by universities for international students.
In addition, kindly review the Netherlands Government Scholarship.

Conditions of Eligibility for the MEXT Scholarship 2024

Candidates seeking the MEXT Scholarship must satisfy each of the subsequent criteria:

– Language Requirement: English
Eligible Countries: Every nation on earth
– Applicants are required to hold the citizenship of a nation with diplomatic ties to Japan.
– Applicants who are citizens of Japan at the time of submission are ineligible.
– To qualify as an undergraduate, an individual must meet the following criteria: a minimum age of 17 and a maximum age of 25; twelve years of schooling; or course completion in an institution equivalent to a high school; prospective graduates are not required to apply.
– Master’s and doctoral candidates are required to be college graduates (including prospective graduates) who are under the age of 35. Alternatively, you must have earned a degree after 16 or 18 years of study.
– In order to be eligible, teacher training students must be graduates of a college or teacher training college and must be under the age of 35. A minimum of five years of practical teaching experience in a primary, secondary, or teacher preparation institution within your nation is required.
Applicants for Japanese Study Students must be between the ages of 18 and 30. Applicants are required to be enrolled as undergraduate students in faculties or schools that specialise in Japanese language or Japanese culture at a non-Japanese university during their visit to Japan. Upon their return to their home countries, they must remain enrolled in the same institution.
DAAD Scholarship for International Students applications are also accepted.

How to Apply for MEXT Scholarship 2024?

Kindly adhere to the subsequent application guidelines in order to be considered for the MEXT Scholarship:

* You can check online to easily locate the Japanese Consulate or Embassy of your country.
Consult the website of the embassy of Japan in your country. The MEXT scholarship is accessible via the Education / Scholarships tab.
* Fill out the MEXT scholarship application form that you can download.
Deliver the documents specified in the list below to the Japanese Embassy in your nation.
The administration of a written examination will be carried out by the Japanese Embassy.
Interviews with the candidates will subsequently follow.
Applicants who have been accepted will be notified via email or the embassy’s website.

Required Documents for the MEXT Scholarship 2024

(1) Application for the MEXT Scholarship

(2) A degree that has been authenticated using official seals.

Note that; Applicants to Bachelor’s programmes: Twelve Years of Education
Master’s degree candidates: A Bachelor of Arts
Applicants to Ph.D. programmes: Master’s degree
It is necessary to provide a notarized copy of an English translation if the degree is not written in English.

(3) The utmost diploma Authenticated transcript bearing official markings. (Including system of grading)

(4) Two letters of recommendation: The recommendation letters must be composed in English by the applicant’s instructors, advisors, or employers, who possess the necessary expertise to assess the candidate’s scholastic achievements and research aptitude. (for scholarly researchers)

(5) Passport Scan (if one is accessible during the application process)

(6) Curriculum Vitae (CV)

(6) Photographs

(7) Study strategy or purpose statement. The language of the study schedule is English. The fundamental content shall consist of the applicant’s rationale, educational and research background, and intended course of study at APU. (for scholarly researchers)

(8) English Language Proficiency Document: Students whose home university offered an English language institute are eligible to submit an English Proficiency Certificate and are granted an exemption from the language test.

(9) Relevant scholarly articles or academic theses (for research students)

(10) Supplementary reference materials, if relevant

If you have further interest it is best to visit the official MEXT scholarship website for more information.


Having carefully observed all protols, and duely followed all the aforementioned steps, size this opportunity and make your dream of studying abroad under scholarship a reality.



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